Misdiagnosis Lawyers in Calgary

misdiagnosis lawyers in calgary

Misdiagnosis Lawyers Near You

Many medical malpractice cases involve a physician missing or delaying a diagnosis of an injury, illness, or medical condition. This can cause the condition to worsen if the patient receives the wrong treatment or no treatment at all. Our team of misdiagnosis lawyers in Calgary is here to help you pursue a medical malpractice claim and receive the compensation you deserve.

Establishing Negligence

Unfortunately, not all cases of misdiagnosis are considered negligent. The injured party must prove the following two things to prove the medical professional or physician was negligent:

  • The doctor or physician breached a standard of care to the patient
  • The breach of standard care resulted in the patient’s injuries

The court will ask about the standard of care and what a similar professional would have done in the same situation. Next, the court will determine if the negligence caused the injuries. If the same outcome could have occurred with the proper procedure, it will be difficult to claim negligence, especially in the case of rare conditions.

Medical Malpractice for Misdiagnosis and Delayed Diagnosis

There could be various ways a practitioner or medical professional could be negligent. For example, they could have failed to seek a medical opinion of a specialist, failed to perform the necessary tests, or failed to follow up with the patient. Regardless of the standard of care, it is essential for the injured party to prove the breach caused their injuries.

Our misdiagnosis lawyers near you are experienced and will help you fight your claim and receive the compensation you deserve. We are very familiar with the technical and medical aspects. Since misdiagnosis cases can be complicated, it’s important to find a lawyer who has expertise in this area to achieve a successful claim.

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I was involved in a serious life-threatening incident while in the care of a hospital. Grover Law Firm represented me in a medical malpractice law suit against some of the biggest medical institutions in Alberta. I was grossly outmatched by the defendant’s financial resources and medical expertise. Fortunately, my lawyer thoroughly investigated my case and was able to identify the specific party at fault amidst a complex medical institution. I was able to achieve a fair settlement against one of the biggest medical facility in Alberta.

R.S Calgary, AB

Grover Law Firm achieved the compensation that I needed for the brain injury I suffered in a car accident, and it was a pleasure working with them.

D.R Calgary, AB

I was involved in a front end collision and was told by the insurance company that my injuries are capped by law to a minimal amount. I was initially hesitant to pursuit a law suit as i thought my injuries would quickly resolve. I am not the type of person to complain, but as my injury lingered on from weeks to months, I find it started to affect my work and livelihood. My father referred me to Steve Grover who took on my case. He carefully reviewed my medical records and found an MRI report that points to a more serious injury. My lawyer presented the medical evidence in Judicial Dispute Resolution, and I was able to settle my case for many times the defendant’s initial offer without going to trial.

S.T Calgary, AB