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Mat Poirier

Litigation Legal Assistant


Mat graduated from the Legal Assistant program at Bow Valley College and has several years of personal injury experience under his belt. In his spare time, he enjoys travelling, listening to music, and spending time with friends and family.

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Client Testimonials

Steve Grover is not only a great lawyer but also a great person. Grover Law Firm got me a great settlement. If you are injured in an accident, call Grover Law. They are the best!
I was in an accident a few years ago, Grover Law Firm really made the aftermath of it all very painless, and the outcome was way better than I had hoped! They really do a great job. Thank you!
I was in a motorbike accident 3 years ago. Not my fault and not knowing what to do, i was recommended from a friend to give Steve Grover a phone call and talk to him. Being a young man i was scared, injured and just having a baby girl of my own, i was in the darkest point of my life. Not knowing if id walk again, or how well at least. I took a leap of faith and called Steve for some advice. Not only did he fly down from Calgary to Kelowna where i reside, he went with my Dad to the scene where it happened and showed full interest in my story and my side of the case. I was in a wheelchair, not walking or able to shower on my own but knowing that in the end things were going to be alright, i trusted Steve to take on my case. Well, after 3 long years, it is all finished. I am feeling as good as i can feel with my current condition and am able to have a fresh start at life with my new family. Thankyou Steve and Jane for working with me and showing you cared about me and my outcome. 10/10