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Samantha Alyssa Talay

Legal Assistant


Samantha, a graduate of Bow Valley College’s Legal Assistant program in 2022, embarked on her legal journey with a passion for exploring the intricacies of criminal law. Her post-graduation practicum in this captivating field left her both enlightened and intrigued. Eager to broaden her legal horizons, Samantha set her sights on the nuanced realm of Personal Injury law, finding it to be an exhilarating new chapter in her professional narrative.

Beyond the legal labyrinth, Samantha’s life is a vibrant canvas of diverse interests. In the crisp morning air or under the city lights, you’ll find her strolling with her canine companion, a loyal confidant in her daily adventures. A gym enthusiast, she revels in the energy of a challenging workout. But Samantha’s world extends beyond the physical; she immerses herself in the captivating realms of Greek mythology and murder mystery books, unraveling tales that echo the complexity of her chosen profession. Amidst it all, she cherishes moments with friends and family, seamlessly blending her professional prowess with a rich tapestry of personal interests. In Samantha’s world, the law is not just a career—it’s a captivating journey interwoven with the vibrant threads of life’s diverse tapestry.

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Client Testimonials

Grover Law firm provided excellent representation throughout, from the first call to the final settlement payout. Steve was very professional and very honest and up front when explaining the process. The support staff were diligent and provided top notch customer service. Grover Law Firm is excellent for any personal injury case.
Steve and his team are incredible. Best motorcycle lawyers in Canada without a doubt!
I can’t say enough good things about this firm. Not only do they fight to get you everything you deserve. Steve also sponsors and donates to many organizations that also give back to the community.