Broken Bones/ Fractures

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Fractures and Broken Bones

When a catastrophic accident such as an automobile collision, slip or fall occurs, fractures and broken bones are most commonly sustained. These can result in complications that are lifelong, affecting your mobility or causing chronic pain as well as osteoarthritis. Seeking legal advice is vital when determining your entitlement to compensation.

At Grover Law Firm, our team of personal injury lawyers in Calgary is extremely experienced in regards to assisting clients who have suffered catastrophic fractures of varying body parts such as their spinal column, femur, neck, ankle, and so forth.

The time it can take to recover from an accident that has caused a fracture or broken bone can differ in duration. Predicating the rehabilitation costs or loss of income at the outset can be difficult. For this reason, Grover Law Firm welcomes you to schedule a free consultation, which will provide you with the opportunity to discuss your options which includes:

  • Loss of income and wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Coverage of rehabilitation expenses
  • Long term care if required
  • Regular care and assistance

Our personal injury lawyers at Grover Law Firm will advise you on the best approach following an accident involving fractures and broken bones. They will know how to pursue your case, assist you in attaining compensatory damages and ensure your needs are met as you recover.