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Motorcycle Accidents



The Open Road’s Peril: Grover Law Fights for Motorcycle Accident Justice

Have you or a loved one suffered injuries in a motorcycle accident? Many times, the carelessness of car, truck, SUV and semi-truck drivers are to blame for causing serious injuries.

Whatever the reason may be, a motorcyclist who has years of experience obeying traffics laws, driving defensively and continuously staying on guard can be involved in an accident.

At Grover Law Firm, our motorcycle accident lawyers in Calgary understand what you are up against and know what navigating the legal system, properly investigating, and negotiating with insurance companies entails.

We want to help you, and all motorcycle accident victims receive the compensation they deserve.

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    The Severity of Motorcycle Accidents

    Motorcycle accidents often involve a significant disparity in force between the motorcycle and the other vehicle involved. This can result in severe injuries for the rider, including:

    • Road rash: This painful condition occurs when the rider’s skin scrapes against the pavement during a crash.
    • Broken bones: Fractures in the arms, legs, ribs, and collarbone are common motorcycle accident injuries.
    • Spinal cord injuries: These catastrophic injuries can lead to paralysis and a lifetime of challenges.
    • Head injuries: Riders are more vulnerable to head injuries due to the lack of a protective enclosure around the head. Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) can have a profound impact on a person’s cognitive and emotional functioning.
    • Internal injuries: Internal bleeding and organ damage can occur in motorcycle accidents, requiring immediate medical attention.
    • Psychological trauma: The shock and fear associated with a motorcycle accident can lead to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, and depression.

    Addressing Unfair Biases Against Motorcycle Riders

    Motorcycle riders often face unfair biases from insurance companies and even the legal system. Some may portray riders as reckless or irresponsible, attempting to downplay the severity of your injuries or shift blame for the accident.

    Grover Law Firm understands these biases and fights back against them. We will work diligently to:

    • Gather evidence that accurately portrays the accident: This may include police reports, witness statements, accident scene photos, and motorcycle maintenance records.
    • Challenge unfair assumptions: We will counter any attempts to blame you for the accident and build a strong case that highlights the negligence of the other party.
    • Fight for maximum compensation: We will not settle for lowball offers and will negotiate aggressively to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve based on the full extent of your losses.

    Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

    Motorcycle accidents can occur due to various factors, including:

    • Car driver negligence: Common causes include car drivers failing to yield the right of way, turning left in front of a motorcycle, or driving while distracted.
    • Unsafe lane changes: Car drivers changing lanes without checking their blind spots can lead to vehicle accidents, often involving motorcycles.
    • Speeding: Excessive speed increases the severity of motorcycle accidents and reduces the rider’s ability to react to sudden hazards.
    • Drunk driving: Drivers under the influence of alcohol or drugs pose a significant threat to motorcycle riders.
    • Poor road conditions: Uneven pavement, potholes, or debris on the road can cause motorcycle accidents.
    • Motorcycle defects: Manufacturing flaws or mechanical failures in the motorcycle itself can contribute to accidents.

    Time Limitations for Filing a Motorcycle Accident Claim in Alberta

    In Alberta, the time limitations for filing a motorcycle accident claim are governed by the Limitations Act and the Municipal Government Act. Under the Limitations Act, claimants generally have two years from the date of the accident to file a lawsuit for personal injury or property damage. If the accident involves a municipality, the Municipal Government Act requires that a written notice of the claim be given within 10 days of the accident. Failing to adhere to these deadlines can result in losing the right to pursue compensation. Consulting a legal professional promptly is crucial to ensure compliance with these time limits.

    The Process of Making a Claim

    Thankfully, the provincial healthcare, employee benefits, and insurance plans system covers many medical expenses. However, there are many costs that are not covered by the government or other plans. Some of these costs include physiotherapy, massages, or acupuncture, as well as costs associated with the impact the sustained injuries have on your life and ability to continue working afterward.

    In many cases, victims of motorcycle accidents suffer a loss of future potential earnings or loss of income, which can be included in a claim for damages.

    Maximize Your Compensation

    Our attorneys at Grover Law Firm have more than 20 years of experience in successful personal injury claims. Our lawyers in Calgary understand how insurance companies work, how they approach claims, and how you can receive the maximum compensation. Our experienced and skilled motorcycle accident lawyers near you will work to build you the strongest case possible. Please contact us at (403) 253-1029.

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    Case Results

    • I suffered a brain injury and other serious injuries when the car I was driving was struck by a semi-truck. In addition to my physical injuries I experienced psychological injuries and was wholly unable to do my job or live my life daily. The insurance company offered me $6,500.00 to settle my claim. Steve had my back and brought my case to mediation where he obtained $850,000.00 in compensation one month short of trial. Steve has the trucking expertise to understand the process and was available to me throughout the process. Would absolutely recommend Grover Law Firm to anyone that has been injured in a serious trucking crash.

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    • The client suffered chronic pain from a car crash. The other insurance company initially offered $75,000.00 and Grover Law Firm settled this client’s claim for $478,929.77 at mediation.

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    • Our client was injured in a hit-and-run motorcycle/motor vehicle crash. As a result, she suffered from chronic pain and has been unable to return to work due to her physical impairments. Our office commenced a claim against the Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Fund, and we were able to obtain a settlement for the statutory maximum amount – $200,000 plus costs and disbursements – for a total settlement of $221,142.77.

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