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Personal Injury Lawyer in Edmonton, AB


Our personal injury lawyers in Edmonton are highly experienced and successful in managing a variety of cases, including those related to motor vehicle accidents and slip and fall injuries. They demonstrate their commitment to securing just compensation through their broad expertise.

By providing emotional support alongside legal guidance, our attorneys prioritize the needs of each client, cultivating relationships grounded on transparency and trust. Their role extends beyond traditional legal services as they design tailored strategies with the goal of attaining maximum recovery for damages incurred by clients — covering medical expenses, lost wages due to inability to work, and compensation for pain and suffering endured.

What Constitutes a Personal Injury Case?

Given its broad scope, the realm of injury law often sees attorneys hone their expertise in particular niches. These subspecialties can range from handling incidents like:

With such wide-ranging coverage under the umbrella of this legal field guarantees support regardless of your specific type of harm. There are specialized lawyers available dedicated to assisting victims obtain rightful recompense.

Selecting an Edmonton Personal Injury Lawyer

When selecting a personal injury lawyer, it’s not just about picking any attorney from a list. You must deliberate thoughtfully to ensure you get superior legal representation for your case. An essential aspect to look at is the attorney’s expertise in their practice area – with particular emphasis on their proficiency and experience within the realm of injury law.

Important considerations include:

  • The readiness of the lawyer to see a case through trial
  • Their familiarity with comparable legal challenges
  • A substantial background spent specifically in personal injury law, which augments their capacity to effectively manage complex details intrinsic to such lawsuits

Having an experienced personal injury lawyer by your side can significantly enhance your chances for success regarding your claim thanks to well-crafted strategies in negotiations along with accessibilities unique resources that only seasoned practitioners offer. With knowledgeable and skilled attorneys representing you, rest assured that they will passionately advocate on behalf of your interests throughout every step of resolving your personal injury matter.

The Role of a Personal Injury Lawyer in Your Claim

Illustration of a personal injury lawyer negotiating with an insurance company

A personal injury attorney plays an essential part in the pursuit of your claim. Their duties include:

  • Meticulously examining the specifics of your case
  • Establishing who is at fault
  • Conducting accident investigations
  • Compiling a detailed case file
  • Assisting victims as they navigate through the legal process
  • Negotiating with insurance companies

Assessing Your Case: The First Step to Justice

The initial stage in pursuing justice for a personal injury case is an extensive assessment of the circumstances. This review covers:

  • the specific events leading to the accident
  • nature and severity of any injuries incurred
  • relevant insurance details
  • how the incident has affected your work life

This preliminary examination helps decide if there’s a basis for filing an injury claim.

How We’re Building Your Case: Strategy and Evidence Collection

To build a robust personal injury case, meticulous collection of evidence and strategic planning are imperative. Our personal injury lawyers assist in amassing crucial pieces of evidence such as accident documentation, medical reports, and expert opinions. We reinforce these claims by securing physical evidence and procuring statements from witnesses.

For the prosecution of personal injury cases, it’s common to accumulate substantial forms of proof like pre-accident and post-accidental medical data, police records, plus documentation that elucidates lost earnings or how life has been altered due to the incident. Injury lawyers work closely with a variety of professionals—medical practitioners to accident scene analysts, vocational specialists to financial consultants—to deliver an all-encompassing range of services for their clientele.

Negotiating with Insurance Companies: Securing Your Compensation

In pursuit of equitable compensation, our attorneys employ strategic bargaining techniques rooted in a thorough understanding of both legal principles and insurance protocols. This expertise enables them to construct a strong argument for increased settlement amounts. Recognizing that preliminary offers from insurers may not adequately represent the true value of a claim underscores the importance of adept negotiation by Grover Law personal injury lawyers aiming for rightful reimbursement.

Understanding Compensation in Personal Injury Cases

In Alberta, when assessing compensatory damages for personal injury cases, they are divided into two categories: general and special damages. General damages compensate for intangible losses that can’t be easily quantified, like pain and suffering. On the other hand, special damages provide reimbursement for measurable monetary losses including lost wages and damage to property.

All medical expenses tied to a personal injury claim must encompass both current and anticipated future healthcare-related costs. These costs are usually determined by professional health assessments which help define the full scope of injuries sustained as well as necessary treatments for recovery. Compensation in such claims within Alberta takes into account not only physical distress but also emotional turmoil which might manifest in forms such as anxiety or depression linked to the incident causing personal injury.

Calculating Damages: More Than Just Medical Bills

In a personal injury claim, assessing damages extends beyond simply accounting for medical bills. Claims of this nature often involve bodily and psychological harm or damage to property caused by someone else’s actions. Claimants may be entitled to recover costs associated with medical care, compensate for the pain and suffering endured, as well as recover lost earnings both in the present and future.

In Alberta specifically, when determining recompense for personal injury cases, emphasis is placed on medical reports which evaluate not just healthcare expenses but also consider missed wages due to work absence and assess how severe the injuries sustained are. It’s essential that physicians comprehensively record all aspects of a patient’s injuries including symptoms experienced along with any repercussions resulting from the incident in order to substantiate an injury claim effectively.

Common Personal Injury Accidents in Edmonton

Illustration of a motor vehicle collision

In Edmonton, personal injuries stemming from incidents like motor vehicle collisions and slip and fall accidents are not uncommon. Reports indicate that the city experienced a rise in crashes from 15,804 in 2020 to 17,363 in 2021 — translating to an increase in crash rates per thousand people from 15.1 to 16,4 respectively.

The consequence of these collisions was significant with nearly nineteen hundred individuals sustaining injuries within the reported timeframe for Edmonton. The year 2021 saw a marginal uptick in motorcycle-related accidents which stood at one hundred twenty-one occurrences leading to two fatalities and sixty-seven individuals injured.

From the period between 2015 and the end of our knowledge cutoff date (which is early April), there have been predominant factors contributing significantly toward serious or deadly traffic incidents recorded within Edmonton. They include:

  1. Tailgating
  2. Collisions while making left turns
  3. Slipping up on yielding right-of-way towards pedestrians
  4. Disregarding signals used for controlling traffic flow.
  5. Losing control over one’s motor vehicle

Motor Vehicle Collisions: A Leading Cause of Injury

Illustration of a person slipping and falling

In Edmonton, one of the top contributors to personal injuries is motor vehicle accidents. City authorities employ a method that integrates police collision reports and demographic information from census data to pinpoint communities with an elevated rate of incidents, which helps in focusing on safety initiatives.

With over 1,500 injury-causing collisions reported in just one year recently, it’s clear that these types of accidents are a major aspect of personal injury law. This field allows for compensation claims even when the injured individual bears some responsibility for the accident. It underscores why anyone implicated in a motor vehicle crash should seek advice from an experienced personal injury lawyer proficient in navigating this area of law.

Slip and Fall Incidents: Holding Property Owners Accountable

Slip and fall incidents are commonly at the root of personal injuries. Property owners have a duty, as defined by premises liability law, to keep their property in safe conditions to avert injuries stemming from falls.

Should they neglect this responsibility and someone has a slip and fall accident due to unsafe conditions on their premises, property owners may face legal consequences. To establish liability in such cases, it is crucial to show that the owner was aware or should have been aware of the hazard but failed to rectify it.

Steps to Take After Suffering a Personal Injury

Illustration of a person receiving medical treatment after an injury

Following a personal injury, it is essential to take certain critical steps. The incident causing the injury should be promptly reported to the relevant authorities for complete documentation. Discussing details of the injury on social media platforms is strongly discouraged as this may adversely affect any claims related to the incident.

Documenting the Incident: Gathering Crucial Information

Documenting an incident is crucial for a personal injury claim and involves safeguarding all physical evidence, obtaining statements from witnesses, and gathering any existing video or photos from the site of the accident. Essential elements to support your claim are pictures showing the location and extent of injuries sustained, accounts provided by eyewitnesses, official police reports, as well as medical documentation.

Seeking Medical Treatment: Prioritizing Your Health

For victims of personal injury, securing timely medical assistance is key, even in the absence of obvious symptoms. This is particularly important since certain types of damage such as brain or spinal harm may manifest later on. Prompt medical attention serves both therapeutic purposes and provides necessary documentation of one’s physical state—a documented history that becomes indispensable when filing an injury claim.

Legal Process and Timeline of a Personal Injury Claim

In Edmonton, the course of action for personal injury claims typically unfolds through various phases. It begins with an initial consultation and progresses to obtaining representation from an attorney. Following that, parties engage in pre-litigation procedures before moving into active litigation engagement. Finally, efforts are made towards negotiation of a settlement as part of the legal process involved with personal injury matters.

From Filing to Resolution: What to Expect

Should discussions with the insurance company fail to yield an agreeable outcome, it might become necessary for a personal injury claim in Edmonton to move forward into the litigation stage. This particular phase can encompass multiple actions such as:

  • Continual evaluations of one’s medical condition
  • Confirmation of earnings lost due to injury by obtaining information from employers
  • Engaging in legal processes that include depositions, mediation sessions, or potentially proceeding to trial.

Delays and Deadlines: Understanding the Importance of Timing

In Alberta, there is a two-year deadline for starting personal injury claims which begins either on the day of the accident or from when the injured party first became aware of their personal injury. If an injury claim isn’t filed within this period, it can lead to forfeiture of one’s entitlement to seek damages via civil court proceedings.

Maximizing Your Injury Settlement: Tips from Experienced Lawyers

In valuing claims for injuries, a mathematical formula is typically employed as a foundational tool—this includes accounting for specific losses like special medical expenses along with general damages. Personal injury cases in Edmonton tend to be resolved without going to trial, usually within three years, although this duration can vary depending on factors such as case intricacy, number of involved entities, and the extent of sustained injuries.

Why Choose Our Edmonton Personal Injury Law Firm

Grover Law firm operates on a contingency fee basis, providing clients with the benefit of not having to pay attorney fees until their claim has been successfully resolved. This arrangement removes the financial burden from clients as they do not need to provide any upfront retainer fees, which can often be an impediment for those in search of legal representation.

This approach is client-friendly as disbursements—the costs shouldered by the law firm for clients—do not accumulate interest. Consequently, clients are able to retain a larger portion of their settlement or award.

In adherence to fairness and transparency within its billing practices, the law firm employs a fixed-rate contingency fee structure. Regardless of how complex or prolonged a case becomes over time, there will be no increase in percentage charged as fees under this setup.


Dealing with the intricacies of personal injury law can seem overwhelming, but qualified personal injury lawyers are there to guide victims through this challenging process. These experts help you seek rightful compensation and justice, whether your case involves a motor vehicle accident or a slip and fall occurrence. Securing appropriate legal representation is crucial in not just obtaining financial reparation—it’s essential for ensuring justice is served and assisting in the restoration of one’s life post-injury. If you suffered a personal injury and would like to discuss your case with our lawyers, contact us today for a free consultation.


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