Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain: Previous Injuries

If you never fully healed from a previous injury, chronic pain is often the result. Chronic pain can take months or years to develop after the initial injury, especially when the body is injured in the same place once again. Those suffering from soft tissue injuries understand just how severely debilitating it can be. If it has been 90 days since an accident, and your soft tissue injuries have not resolved, it can manifest itself into chronic pain that can last the rest of your life.

When you experience chronic pain, you are not alone, nor are you alone on your journey to recovery. Why settle for an insurance company that refuses to assist you, despite having paid your premiums on time?

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Chronic pain is the number one medical reason people miss work and school. In fact, more people in society are affected by chronic pain than diabetes and heart attacks. The International Classification of Disease (ICD) recognizes chronic pain as a medical disease. The good news is, at Grover Law Firm, our lawyers in Calgary have years of experience successfully handling claims for those who have suffered all types of injuries, which include chronic pain. For a free and full case evaluation, contact Grover Law Firm.