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    Client Testimonials

    I was hit by a car as a pedestrian and suffered multiple broken bones and was off work. I was referred to Grover Law Firm by a friend and retained the firm and they took my case on. Both Steve and Neily helped me rebuild my life and got me a terrific settlement. I’m so happy to have been a client at Grover Law Firm! Thank you
    I was in a motorbike accident 3 years ago. Not my fault and not knowing what to do, i was recommended from a friend to give Steve Grover a phone call and talk to him. Being a young man i was scared, injured and just having a baby girl of my own, i was in the darkest point of my life. Not knowing if id walk again, or how well at least. I took a leap of faith and called Steve for some advice. Not only did he fly down from Calgary to Kelowna where i reside, he went with my Dad to the scene where it happened and showed full interest in my story and my side of the case. I was in a wheelchair, not walking or able to shower on my own but knowing that in the end things were going to be alright, i trusted Steve to take on my case. Well, after 3 long years, it is all finished. I am feeling as good as i can feel with my current condition and am able to have a fresh start at life with my new family. Thankyou Steve and Jane for working with me and showing you cared about me and my outcome. 10/10
    Incredible the support this law firm has generated for their clients which includes the motorcycle community. I am pleased at what I have witnessed and I am considering this particular law firm to represent my health & wellness business.