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Giving so much back to the motorcycle community.
Prompt and Detailed service. Would recommend to friends.
Great community supporter and great people, highly recommend.
Thanks for everything you have done for OBB .You guys are AWESOME
Absolutely great business and people, goes over and above to help the community.
Great firm that does good work and gives back to the community.
I have heard nothing but good and when someone goes out of their way to help others you know your in good hands
Accidents, Insurance Issues, Traffic Fines and more. This guy does it all and is a huge supporter of the motorcycle community.
Great team and fantastic overall experience. Thank you for everything!
Great member of the committee and supporters of people in need. Has gone far and above to assist and show support. Thank you
Great people and awesome supporter in the Alberta motorcycle community. 5 stars +
Absolutely an amazing company and so much community support especially to the motorcycle community! Thank you!!
Was welcomed with a great smile, very friendly staff, great to work with and very giving to the community! Would highly recommend Grover Law Firm!!
Someone posted 12 fake reviews on their google page. Upon inspection, this law-firm has nothing below a 4 star rating. Doing my share to bring their rating back up as a concerned client. As a law firm, you have the resources to keep from being bullied from some lowlife slandering the business. A large reason I signed on was because of the near flawless reviews.
Incredible the support this law firm has generated for their clients which includes the motorcycle community. I am pleased at what I have witnessed and I am considering this particular law firm to represent my health & wellness business.
Thorough, diligent and really work to help you get the things you need before settlement and make sure your settlement is what you wanted. I highly recommend Steve Grover and his association.
Mr. Grover had helped me with my first accident and I was so satisfied with his services that I came back a second time when I was injured again. Great lawyer and very helpful and very good staff!
Steve was very professional and I liked it. His team do good job. They’re honest, impeccable you will never be disappointed . Thank you alote for your time.
Professional, courteous and easy to deal with. Would recommend 10x over.
Steve and the team is excellent. Very friendly and knowledgeable.
I had to deal with this company when I was involved in a accident. They took care of everything and when I needed to ask them questions I had Steve grovers cell phone number! Couldn’t have went smoother. I’d rather not have to deal with a issue like that again however if I had to or someone needed a recommendation on who to use I wouldn’t hesitate to contact this firm.
Grover Law Firm are strong supporters of motorcycle riders and motorcycle safety. The support for the motorcycling community is appreciated and while we hope to avoid accidents, if something should go wrong, we know who to call for help.
Grover Law Firm an excellent personal injury law firm. I highly recommend
Grover Las Firm helped me go thru several cases. They were very polite, professional and responsive to all my questions and concerns. I am very satisfied with their work. Highly recommend!
Great experience dealing with professionals at this office. They took their time to explain the process with respect, integrity, and patience. Would highly recommend. Thank you for all your hard work.
I’ve never had to go through something like this before, so I wasn’t too sure what to expect. Steve, Thomas, and the staff were the consummate professionals that I think should be expected of a law firm. Phone calls and emails were always responded to and I never felt neglected or pressured. I would happily recommend GROVER LAW 10 times out of 10!
Steve is an awesome Lawyer, So glad I called him!
Grover Law Firm is an excellent law firm and I highly recommend them.
Grover Law Firm contributes so much to the Riding community in so many ways! AND, should you need their professional services… I know you will be well represented. There is a passion and dedication involved that is top drawer.
Gotta tell you . if your looking for an accident injury lawyer. Steve Grover is the most humble and sharp lawyer in the country. He helped me out alot, he gets you the best settlement and he really fights for you . He doesnt back down when the case gets tough. Im very satisfied with Grover law firm representing me and i wanted to share my experience to you. Steve Grovers the man .
Steven and Vlado are highly professional, honest and will go to great lengths to ensure that you receive the best care possible. They are always available to answer your questions and address your concerns until you are completely satisfied. My settlement was over and above what I thought I would receive and I recommend that Grover Law firm is the first place you go when you need representation.
Steve represented me after I suffered serious fractures when the car I was a passenger in crashed into a cement barrier. My injuries caused me a lot of pain and prevented me from working. The Defence for the insurer tried to argue I had not been wearing my seatbelt when in fact I had. Steve took my claim to mediation and received more than two times what we had been offered only a few months earlier. Steve was hard working throughout and took extra steps to make sure we got a great result at mediation. I would recommend Steve and Grover Law Firm to any person who has been injured in a crash.
Grover law was great in handling my case. Kept me informed throughout the whole process! Would definitely use them again.
I had a legal issue in which Lindsay Kvellestad from Grover law firm handled. She was very patient with my file and walked me through my file status any time I needed. I would recommend her services to anyone who is looking for Personal Injury case.
Grover Law Firm is a great firm to deal with. Their staff is excellent in maintaining communication, working the case and getting positive results. The bottom line is they make service their number one priority. Give them a call to experience the difference!
I was in a motorbike accident 3 years ago. Not my fault and not knowing what to do, i was recommended from a friend to give Steve Grover a phone call and talk to him. Being a young man i was scared, injured and just having a baby girl of my own, i was in the darkest point of my life. Not knowing if id walk again, or how well at least. I took a leap of faith and called Steve for some advice. Not only did he fly down from Calgary to Kelowna where i reside, he went with my Dad to the scene where it happened and showed full interest in my story and my side of the case. I was in a wheelchair, not walking or able to shower on my own but knowing that in the end things were going to be alright, i trusted Steve to take on my case. Well, after 3 long years, it is all finished. I am feeling as good as i can feel with my current condition and am able to have a fresh start at life with my new family. Thankyou Steve and Jane for working with me and showing you cared about me and my outcome. 10/10
Was a client here at Grover Law Firm and got great service at their office. Steve Grover got me a settlement beyond what i was expecting. Very honest, hard working, and reliable. I highly recommend Grover Law Firm for any of your personal injury claims.
I have been dealing with this law firm for 10 years, and they are extremely diligent and attentive.
The team at Grover Law firm did a great job at getting me a settlement. I went to two other law firms who did nothing to help me before seeing him. I recommend Him and his team to everyone I know. He gets the facts and keeps you updated on everything. best lawyer I have ever used.
Steve is a stand up guy, and great guy to deal with. Highly recommend him
I have nothing but the best things to say about Grover Law Firm. Working with them through my case has been excellent. I found Steve Grover and his team to be responsive and available. Any questions I had were answered quickly and thoroughly. With out a doubt, if you are needing representation in this branch of law – consider Grover Law Firm.
Steven and his team did an amazing job with my personal injury case. They were not only patient, kind and helpful but we’re also extremely welcoming as I was nervous going in. They answered every question I had and were always there when I felt worried or scared. I would recommend Grover Law Firm to anyone wanting a professional yet kind and caring service! 5/5 stars.
Grover Law firm provided excellent representation throughout, from the first call to the final settlement payout. Steve was very professional and very honest and up front when explaining the process. The support staff were diligent and provided top notch customer service. Grover Law Firm is excellent for any personal injury case.
My experience with Grover Law Firm was exceptional. Steve Grover obtained a settlement outcome for me that was significantly higher than anything I thought possible. Steve was professional, courteous and available throughout the process. Fantastic advocate and a great company all round. Would absolutely recommend to anyone who has suffered an injury. Happy to have this behind me.
Outstanding service that shows commitment, care, and attention to detail. Would recommend to anyone in need of legal services!
Grover Law Firm were excellent do deal with. Professional office with excellent staff. Communicated well and got the job done. Definitely would recommend them.
This is the team you want on your side. Steve’s team of lawyers are hardworking professional and willing to put the extra effort. I ended up with compensation that was above my expectations. If you want someone to fight for your cause Grover Law Frim is your choice.
Just want to shoot you a quick message we just want to say thank you STEVE GROVER of grover law firm. You are Such a wonderful person very generous and a lowkey person. Thank you very much for everything for giving back to the community. We are here for you once again. We love you and thank you so much. ( though im sure you dont need it but i do wish you and the whole law firm good luck and more power)
Steve and his team came highly recommended and they did not disappoint. Steve met me at my home, shortly after I was injured in a motor vehicle accident, so I would not have to commute to Calgary about an hour away. From our first contact Steve was honest, reassuring, supportive and confident. Every interaction with his team demonstrated the same qualities. I was a client of Grover Law Firm for over two years and I would happily recommend Steve, his team or the firm. Thank you!
Steve Grover is a very good and hard working lawyer and I recommend you contact Grover Law Form if you are injured in an accident!
We had an amazing experience working with the team at Grover Law Firm. They helped immensely during a difficult time by making the legal process smooth and decreasing the stress for us. Everyone in the office is kind, friendly and helpful. We highly recommend them.
Steve and staff are very passionate, and dedicated to their clients. The support for the biker community especially is second to none!
Honestly Grover Law Firm is not only a great personal law firm, but they also support the community. If you are injured in an accident call Grover Law Firm
Steve, Thomas, and the rest of the team did amazing for me and my case. I am very thankful for them and the service I was provided. Steve personally drove 3.5 hours to meet with me about my case. Thomas dealt with my nerves perfectly and answered every question I had. Extremely patient as I had no idea what to expect or how to go through the process. I can’t thank them enough for representing me in my personal injury case. I recommend Grover Law Firm for anyone needing to be represented 10/10 the professionals you need. I was recommended Grover Law Firm by a friend and couldn’t be happier I listened to their advice.
I was in a not at fault accident and dealt with Grover law to handle all the legalities as I recommended to the firm from a family member. They too had dealt with the firm and had great results and we’re awarded a substantial settlement. My experience was the same in dealing with their services. The team at the firm handled literally everything for me after filling out initial paper work. They even provided great chiropractic and massage therapist that dident charge me a thing until the case was settled and I was awarded my settlement. Great all around !!
I called Steve Grover law firm office to talk to his assistant about my car accident injury. After Steve called me back asking how I’m doing with my injury and he set up an appointment to see me in his office. I am really happy that Steve Grover took my 2021 case in person. I had a good experience with Steve through my case 2003. He is the best personal injury lawyer in Calgary. He will fight very hard and help you to get the best settlement for your case. Steve Grover is a highly recommended lawyer.Thank you Steve for being in charge of my case again.
I was involved in a motorcycle accident in 2020. Nothing TOO serious but I contacted Steve Grover because I didnt know how to proceed, or even if I had a case. He sat down with me for over an hour and explained the steps and procedures to a successful outcome! He was Very professional but understanding too! Him and his team got to work and resolve my case quickly! If you’re in need of a strong legal team, I HIGHLY recommend Grover Law Firm! Thank you Steve and Thomas!
Steve Grover is not only a great member and supporter of the riding community but a great lawyer. Three and a half years ago I was rear ended on my motorcycle and was very injured from it. Steve made sure I never went without care in that time period and made sure I got a fair settlement from my case. He and his team took great care of me during the entire process. He made it easy and worthwhile. Thank you Steve and team.
Best law firm ever!!!! Everyone is really great. They truly do hard work on your files and get you the best settlement ever. They are in the business from long time and they exactly know how you get the best settlement possible. Lot of friend and family also have used their services. I definitely recommend them any day.
Steve Grover is an honest and hardworking personal injury lawyer. If you are in a motorcycle accident, call Grover Law Firm
Steve Grover is an honest motorcycle dude that cares a lot about people who are injured motorcycle accidents. If you are injured call Grover Law Firm!
Handled my case very well. I always will use Steve Grover, he also rides motor bikes which is more relatable for me.
Steve Grover is a very honest and ethical lawyer. Steve works hard for his clients. If you are injured in and accident you need to call Steve Grover.
Grover Law Firm an excellent law firm. If you injured in a car accident give Grover Law Firm they will treat you right and get you an awesome settlement!!!!!!
Steve Grover is as tough as s bulldog when he takes on an accident injury case. If you are injured in an accident call Grover Law Firm!
Grateful to meet Steve and his team. Steve is down to earth and easy to talk to. Definitely recommend giving Steve and his team a call!
Excellent. Competent and caring professionals who go the extra mile for their clients. I am grateful to Steve and everyone at Grover Law for their efforts.
Grover law firm is the best very professional and helpful Kemi is the best she worked with me through everything patiently extremely efficace team I am more than happy 😊
Incredible communication between client and lawyer. I was always informed of what was happening with my case. I recommend all friends and family to Grover Law.
I can’t say enough good things about this firm. Not only do they fight to get you everything you deserve. Steve also sponsors and donates to many organizations that also give back to the community.
I went to two other lawyers before deciding to hire Steve Grover.Even though my own insurance company said everything was my fault Steve decided to take me on as a client, and he litigated the case and got me a great settlement. I highly Steve Grover and his legal team!
Grover Law Firm – Professional, knowledgeable & genuine. Steve Grover and his team are top notch!
Very professional and pleasant environment. Steve Grover is the best of the best and knows his stuff. Look no further for help with Personal Injury claims.
I was catastrophically injured in a motorcycle accident. The police blamed me for the accident. I called Steve Grover and he took on my case. His investigated the accident and found that I was not at fault and got me a great settlement. If you are injured in an accident call my friends at Grover Law Firm their the best!
Steve is an incredibly hard working individual, who manages to take the time out of his busy work day to answer questions and care for his employees. His office is clean and welcoming, and everyone had very positive vibes.
Steve and his team are incredible. Best motorcycle lawyers in Canada without a doubt!
Steve represented me on a case against UPS after a not at fault collision with one of their drivers. Steve assisted in getting my case settled with all my medical bills paid. Give Grover Law a shout if you need to be represented or even if you just have questions.
The staff here are professional and well diverse. They made me feel very welcome and comfortable. They treat their customers like family. I would highly recommend these guys to anyone!
Grover Law was absolutely top notch. Everything was handled in a timely manner and always with our needs top of mind. Needing an injury lawyer is never a great element of life, but if you do, don’t hesitate to call Grover Law.
Steve and his Associate Devinn are great lawyers to deal with. They are honest and hardworking. I was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident and they got me a terrific settlement. If you are injured in a motorcycle accident I recommend you hire Grover Law Firm since they are the best!
I was in an accident a few years ago, Grover Law Firm really made the aftermath of it all very painless, and the outcome was way better than I had hoped! They really do a great job. Thank you!
Grover Law Firm is such good amd professional law firm. They take pride in representing their clients who are injured in motorcycle accidents and get their clients great settlements. If you’re injured in a motorcyclye accident call Steve Grover at Grover law firm, he’s the best of the best!
This law firm is absolutely fantastic, professional on the ball and up-to-date with everything.I wouldn’t trust any other lawyer with my case. I have also referred other people to Steve Grover, and his firm and they’ve all been extremely happy with the results. If you’re looking of an injury lawyer this is the firm to go with.
Zach was a standup motorcycle guy, he was a quite knowledgeable and knew his stuff. He was excellent in his communication skills; being patient, listening and handling any inquiries I might have had. You could just tell the deep passion & work ethic that this man possessed!
Amazing people that will fight for you! Super professional environment that is super welcoming and helped me throughout every step of the legal process. Would recommend to anyone!
Steve and Kemi are excellent lawyers. I was injured in an accident and they did a great job litigating for me. If you’re injured in an accident call Grover law firm they are the best!
I am very happy with Grover Law Firm. Steve and his law firm fought very hard for my personal injury case and got me a great settlement. I highly recommend Grover Law Firm!
Unfortunately I was injured in two separate car accidents and hired Steve Grover. Steve and his staff are excellent to deal with and got me a great settlements on both my injury cases. I highly recommend Grover Law Firm.
I called this office on a civic holiday, and was pleasantly surprised to get a call back from Steve Grover. He took the time to call me back from his holiday on a long weekend and answered my questions. I feel that I will be in good hands and have decided to go forward with this firm. Many thanks!
Highly recommended! Mr. Grover was easy to work with his team was outstanding. They worked hard for my case and we are thankful it’s settled.
I transferred my motor vehicle accident file to Grover Law Firm since my previous lawyer was not doing anything to help us out. Steve Grover took conduct of the file and dealt with it professionally and solved my problems. If your injured in an accident call Grover Law Firm since they are amazing.
I’m incredibly thankful! Choosing Grover Law Firm has proven to be the perfect decision for my case. From our very first conversation, they’ve been exceptionally proactive.
I was hit by a car as a pedestrian and suffered multiple broken bones and was off work. I was referred to Grover Law Firm by a friend and retained the firm and they took my case on. Both Steve and Neily helped me rebuild my life and got me a terrific settlement. I’m so happy to have been a client at Grover Law Firm! Thank you
Steve Grover is not only a great lawyer but also a great person. Grover Law Firm got me a great settlement. If you are injured in an accident, call Grover Law. They are the best!
I would like to share my amazing experience that I had with Steve Grover and his law firm. From the very start to finish the service I received was professional and extremely detailed. In the huge world of so many law firms it is very hard to find a professional who is honest, knowledgeable, trustworthy and reasonably priced! I recommend Steve Grover to anyone who is looking for a great people to cover your back when you need it the most!
I was in A bad car accident back in 2014 and Steve and his team at Grover Law Firm, helped me and my family get compensated. They went above & beyond for me and my claim. I am super proud of the hard work they all did. I am finally gonna be getting a settlement thanks to Grover Law Firm. 😊 I highly recommend their Law firm to anybody involved in a motor vehicle accident or personal injury.
Exceptionally talented team at Grover Law Firm. Steve Grover was very sharp and after going through numerous law firms he helped me win my case. I wouldn’t waste time with anyone other than this firm. They’re thorough and honest. I especially appreciate how responsive and communicative they were throughout my case. If you’re looking for an injury lawyer in Calgary you couldn’t be in better hands.
Steve Grover and his team provide nothing short of top notch service and the best possible results – from the moment you are greeted at the door, their passion is evident. If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident or personal injury, do not hesitate to give Grover Law Firm a call.
The most friendly and supportive staff members I’ve ever worked with. They were always there for me when I needed them and informative. They are always willing to answer all those hard questions! I met Zach at an event that he was hosting and he was kind and respectful to me and my wife and most of all easy to talk to! He led us on the right path and was exceptional on explaining to us the step by step process.
Steve Grover is extremely professional and prompt. He set realistic expectations and really did an excellent job advising us and providing the best combination of guidance and directions for our case. I’ve never seen someone as passionate about law as Steve and his team. And thats is something you love to see when you’re hiring a lawyer to protect your life and health. Would definitely use his services again and would recommend to anyone. Use this as a point of reference! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️