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Surgeries always pose a risk that varies depending on the type of surgery and the condition of the patient. Doctors are required to explain all of the risks to the patients, and the patients are required to sign a consent form prior to the procedure. However, in some cases, complications arise, and surgical errors happen, which will have negative effects on the patient’s life moving forward. If you’re looking for a surgical negligence lawyer near you, please contact us.

Types of Surgical Errors

There are various surgical errors that can occur. However, most surgical errors are due to negligence and can be avoided. The following are common reasons for surgical errors:


Doctors are required to continue their knowledge and stay up to date with the latest medical treatments and procedures. This is especially important for surgeons. If a surgeon is performing a surgery that requires higher skills and knowledge than what they possess, errors can occur.


Surgeons and doctors can work very long hours. Some perform surgery for a full day, while others have multiple in a day. These long hours can cause them to feel tired, which can result in surgical errors.

Inadequate Surgery Planning

Surgeons are required to have a detailed pre-surgery plan. This is essential as it allows the surgeon and their team to prepare and plan for any potential complications. Surgical techniques and medical history should also be reviewed before the procedure.


Surgeries and operating rooms are often overbooked, which can lead to surgeons rushing to provide treatment for all of their patients.

Lack of Communication or Miscommunication

It’s crucial to have good communication between the surgeon and the team. Not only do they have to be competent, but they must also be actively listening to ensure all directions are heard during the procedure.

Surgeons Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs

The medical field can cause a lot of stress, so some doctors turn to alcohol or drugs for stress relief. If an error occurred due to the surgeon or one of the team members being under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the patient would have a very strong medical malpractice claim.

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Surgical errors can be both obvious and subtle. From administering the wrong dosage of medication to injuring a nerve, our team of surgical negligence lawyers in Calgary can help you. It’s essential to prove there was a lack of standard of care, and the patient was injured due to the negligence. Our team is skilled and experienced in dealing with surgical negligence claims. We will support your claim and help you receive the compensation you deserve. Contact us today!