Snowmobile Accidents

Snowmobile Accidents

It is not difficult to comprehend the increased popularity of snowmobiles. Not only do they provide access to breathtaking views during the snowy months, but they are also enjoyable and rather inexpensive to operate. However, just like motorcyclists, snowmobilers can sustain serious personal injuries. If you have been involved in a snowmobile accident, it is crucial to seek the services of a snowmobile accident lawyer who can investigate the cause and assess your claim. The team at Grover Law Firm, is here to assist you in understanding what claims you may have and taking the steps required to protect your rights.

Snowmobile Accident Injury Lawyers in Calgary

Just as drivers are required to obey the rules of the road, snowmobile riders and passengers must operate their motor vehicles with a lawful standard of care for their passengers and everyone around them. Negligence operation of snowmobiles can cause severe injuries to those participating or those in the area where the event took place. An accident or injury can arise when:

  • The rider failed to travel at safe speed limits.
  • The rider and passenger(s) did not wear safety equipment or did not maintain the condition of the safety equipment.
  • The rider failed to adhere to rules of right-of-way.
  • The rider failed to maintain a proper lookout.
  • The rider operated the vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • The rider failed to be cautious of approaching dangers.

Snowmobile accidents can also occur when the carelessness of inattentive operators collide with other snowmobilers.

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I was involved in a front end collision and was told by the insurance company that my injuries are capped by law to a minimal amount. I was initially hesitant to pursuit a law suit as i thought my injuries would quickly resolve. I am not the type of person to complain, but as my injury lingered on from weeks to months, I find it started to affect my work and livelihood. My father referred me to Steve Grover who took on my case. He carefully reviewed my medical records and found an MRI report that points to a more serious injury. My lawyer presented the medical evidence in Judicial Dispute Resolution, and I was able to settle my case for many times the defendant’s initial offer without going to trial.

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