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Anna Maltseva



In the bustling city of Toronto, Anna embarked on her educational journey at Seneca College, where she chose the Hospitality Management program with a purpose beyond randomness—her heart beats for customer service. Fast forward to 2022, and Anna found herself at the welcoming doorstep of Grover Law Firm, assuming the role of Receptionist. Determined to thrive in the legal realm, she has dedicated herself to accumulating valuable experiences that will undoubtedly propel her growth within the industry. Beyond the professional hustle, Anna unwinds in the vibrant palette of her personal life. Whether she’s delicately wielding a paintbrush to create captivating canvases, whipping up delectable meals in the kitchen, or crafting sweet symphonies through baking cakes and desserts, Anna’s passions extend far beyond the confines of office walls.

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Client Testimonials

Great firm that does good work and gives back to the community.
The staff here are professional and well diverse. They made me feel very welcome and comfortable. They treat their customers like family. I would highly recommend these guys to anyone!
I’m incredibly thankful! Choosing Grover Law Firm has proven to be the perfect decision for my case. From our very first conversation, they’ve been exceptionally proactive.