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Haily Edwards

Legal Intake Coordinator


Haily Edwards is a dedicated professional with a passion for assisting and advocating for individuals in need. Having graduated with a real estate certificate, Haily’s career journey began in the dynamic realm of real estate and client relations. With a year of experience in the field, Haily developed a strong foundation in fostering meaningful connections with clients and ensuring their needs were met efficiently.

Driven by a desire to make a positive impact, Haily found a deeper calling in helping injured clients navigate the legal landscape. Known for a compassionate approach and a commitment to understanding clients’ unique situations, Haily excels in the first contact interaction, providing a reassuring presence during what can be a challenging time.

One of Haily’s strengths lies in the ability to assist and guide clients seamlessly. Whether explaining complex legal matters or offering support, Haily is dedicated to ensuring clients feel informed and empowered throughout the journey.

Beyond the professional realm, Haily finds joy in spending quality time with family and friends. Embracing an active lifestyle, Haily enjoys hiking and seeks out opportunities to gain new experiences. This balance between professional commitment and personal fulfillment reflects Haily’s holistic approach to life.

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Client Testimonials

Professional, courteous and easy to deal with. Would recommend 10x over.
Mr. Grover had helped me with my first accident and I was so satisfied with his services that I came back a second time when I was injured again. Great lawyer and very helpful and very good staff!
Grover Law Firm is a great firm to deal with. Their staff is excellent in maintaining communication, working the case and getting positive results. The bottom line is they make service their number one priority. Give them a call to experience the difference!