Uber Collisions

People frequently rely on companies like Uber as an alternative form of transportation. Passengers in an Uber could face serious injuries if a collision occurs and should seek out fair compensation when this occurs.

If you were involved in a collision while in an Uber, even if the driver that hit you is unknown, or your Uber driver caused the collision, Grover Law Firm has personal injury lawyers with experience helping people involved in collisions seek compensation. Please contact us if you’re looking for an Uber car accident lawyer.

After a Collision

In the unfortunate event that you were involved in a collision while in an Uber, it is important to collect the contact and insurance information from the driver of the Uber and any other vehicles involved in the collision. You should also collect the contact information of anyone else who witnessed the collision.

Seeking Medical Assistance

It is important that you seek medical treatment after a collision. Some injuries that seem minor at the time of the collision may get worse over time if they do not get addressed.

Seeking Compensation

At Grover Law Firm, our Uber car accident lawyers in Calgary can help you navigate through the complex legal process as you seek fair compensation for your injuries. If you or someone you care about has been injured from an Uber collision, contact Grover Law Firm.