Class Actions

Class Action Lawsuits are brought by a single individual or more on the behalf of a large group that contains class members. They are common where a group of individuals shares the same injuries caused by the same party. The class is treated as a collective that has sustained injuries, instead of a group of injured individuals. The class representative is one individual who represents the group’s interests. Instead of each person bringing their own lawsuit, a Class Actions enables the group to sue the party at fault as a collective to solve the claims in a single legal proceeding.

How Grover Law Firm Can Help

Individuals who join a class action, are provided with the opportunity to find a legal remedy for the alleged damages. The primary purpose is to assist individuals in seeking legal action against large organizations or corporations. At Grover Law Firm, our ability to advocate for our clients in a Civil Class Action Lawsuitrepresents a distinct and honourable professional achievement. We are committed to providing full-circle care to all of our clients.

What Are the Pros of a Class Action Lawsuit?

  • Offers restitution to plaintiffs who would have not had any compensation due to attorney costs.
  • Decreases litigation cost.
  • Provides consistent treatment to defendants with injuries that are alike.
  • Prompts defendants to settle as there are numerous plaintiffs involved.

Class Action Lawsuit Settlements make it possible for individuals to seek restitution and eliminates the need for many small claims being filed against one defendant. Grover Law Firm is here to advocate for you and assist you in finding a legal remedy. Call today, to schedule your consultation with a skilled and experienced Class Action attorney. Our dedicated team in Calgary is here to assist you in receiving the compensation you are entitled to. We offer services in sixteen different languages and free consultations to our clients.