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Devinn Connolly

Lawyer/Director of Litigation


Devinn, a distinguished legal professional, earned her JD from the University of Alberta in 2012. Following a successful tenure at a premier Edmonton personal injury law firm, she now directs litigation at Grover Law. Known for securing deserved settlements, Devinn’s legal prowess and dedication make her a trusted advocate for justice. Beyond the courtroom, she embraces adventure through her love for travel, adding a dynamic flair to her multifaceted career.

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Client Testimonials

Accidents, Insurance Issues, Traffic Fines and more. This guy does it all and is a huge supporter of the motorcycle community.
The staff here are professional and well diverse. They made me feel very welcome and comfortable. They treat their customers like family. I would highly recommend these guys to anyone!
Steve is an incredibly hard working individual, who manages to take the time out of his busy work day to answer questions and care for his employees. His office is clean and welcoming, and everyone had very positive vibes.