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Emma Bahme Muise

Legal Assistant


In May 2023, Emma emerged as a legal maven, donning her cap and gown after conquering the rigors of the Legal Assistant Diploma program at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology. Fueled by a passion for justice and a penchant for aiding others, she seamlessly transitioned from student to professional. The firm, recognizing her prowess during her practicum, eagerly extended an offer, and Emma now thrives as their dynamic Pre-Litigation Assistant.

But Emma’s life extends far beyond the polished halls of legal offices. When she’s not meticulously navigating the intricacies of legal matters, she’s captivating a different audience altogether — as a dance instructor. Her free time transforms into a rhythm-filled spectacle, where she imparts not only legal wisdom but also the joy of movement and expression. Emma, a harmonious blend of legal virtuosity and dance artistry, is a force to be reckoned with both inside and outside the office.

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